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About us

VISION is the advertising - photographic agency, which provides general and professional services in areas such as: visual & utility advertising, promotional clips or photography. On request we do organize and design professional advertising campaigns. Our aim is to provide a marketing support of your company, and allow you to achieve the expected goals by firming the company's image on the market. We take an active part in finding the right and successful solution.

Designs are created in cooperation with the client. The designs are individualised, and are created in accordance with all the advertising requirements. The effect can be seen as a professional presentation of the client's company, which concures to achieve success.

All the services and products offered by our agency, are created in our own studios. We take care of the smallest details of each design. This, and the fact that we have a longtime experience in the field, allow us to guarantee the highest quality with reasonable prices. Varity of services, advertising and printing products or gadgets as well as a professional studio, will allow you to fulfil all the advertising needs altogether, without switching the agencies. On request, we can coordinate the commisioned desings, on your behalf.